n this fast life everything is now e-base, like e- governance, e- commerce, e-filing than why we don`t go for providing e-services to our reputed clients all over the country.

In this fast life a person always forget or lapse to pay important premium, which might create a big loss letter on to your family, this portal helps you in all respect to remember and helps you to make timely payment of your social as well as statutory dues.

This portal helps you in lot many ways such as knowing your investment position, guiding you through some legal ways for tax planning, securing & storing your important documents such as income tax return, lic policy, NSC, PPF Details etc.

Portal Features
Secured, Private and Confidential For Information Sharing and Data Storing. Downloading and uploading facility for client to send and data in any format and of any size.(unlimited database)
Admin Control Panel to Active or Deactivate User at any time. Convert your practice to e-base (internet base)
Provide your client live data all the time with secured user id and password. Organised your data an manpower on click on button.
Manage Individual client separately as per their requirement. Provide instant services to your client through click off button.
Provide automatic notification through SMS and through e-mail For various statutory dues, and social obligation to each and every client. Provide copy of Income Tax Return to your client.
Provide copy of ROC returns to your client. Providing Digital Signature Certificate for your client through portal only.
Presents Online Web Portal For
Chartered Accountant
Company Secretary
Cost Accountant
Tax Consultants
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